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Refurbishment & Interior 



10   /   10   /   1998

This private villa is located in Yarzeh, a pine grove in one of the prime residential  suburbs, east of Beirut.

The house was built in the nineteen sixties on a plot of 12,000 sqm.

It was deserted by the owners in 1975 during the 30 years Lebanese civil war and suffered enormous damage to its fabric. It was squatted by all belligerents during all these years.


In 1995, we were commissioned to carry out a full refurbishment.

This delicate task took about 3 years to complete.

In order to emphasize the shape of the existing vaulted structure, we have redesigned and applied a very minimalistic approach to all materials, openings and other details of the house.

We have used frameless cristal clear glass to all openings of the south north oriented 2 floors villa  in order to increased the in/out relation on the wonderful existing garden. 

Restored the beautiful travertine marble existing stairs and opted to import matching material to use it throughout the house, in and out, on all floors and bathrooms. 

white painted walls and white plaster to vaults and external walls to complete this concept, adding a pond type swimming pool to glorify the mature garden.

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